Dan River Segments

Click the corresponding segment below to take you to information on that segment.

​Segments are listed in order as they progress down the river.

​Jessup's Mill to Hart's Access

6.08 miles

Hart's Access to Hanging Rock Park Access

12.76 miles

Hanging Rock Park Access to Moratock Park Access

5.23 miles

Moratock Park Access to Snow Creek Access

3.29 miles

Snow Creek Access to Hemlock Access

5.27 miles

Hemlock Access to Pine Hall Road Bridge Access

8.80 miles

Pine Hall Road Bridge to Lindsey Bridge- Madison

7.22 miles

Lindsey Bridge Road to Settles Bridge Road

11.52 miles

Settles Road Bridge to  Leaksville Boat Ramp

10.27 miles

**Eden Boat Landing is closed and has been replaced with the landing on Hamilton Street**


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