Haw River Water Level & Flow Information

River gauges measure water level and water flow. This information can be used to determine the safety and comfort level of paddling at a given time. Although the Haw River is a wonderful river to paddle under normal conditions, it is subject to extreme changes in water level and flow amounts during periods of rain or drought. During high water events, the Haw River is extremely dangerous.  The Haw River is considered to be at flood stage when it reaches 18 feet. For perspective, the maximum safe water level recommended for most sections is only 4 to 6 feet!

In the section of the Haw that passes through Alamance County, gauges are located in three places- Reedy Fork, Haw River, and Bynum. Rough guidelines for safe minimum and maximum water levels for each section are listed in the guide below.


When looking at the USGS webpage, the area where you need to obtain your information for flow rate is located under "Daily Discharge, Cubic Feet Per Second" and read the "Most Instantaneous Value" to get your cubic feet per second.  The graph below the "Daily Discharge" shows you the depth of where the water was read - not the depth of the river itself.

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Reedy Fork USGS Gauge
Haw River USGS Gauge
Bynum USGS Gauge