McIver Landing to Deep River Park Landing

Put-In Location

McIver Landing Canoe Park
14626 US-421
Gulf, NC 27256

If you aren't looking for this access, you will miss it.  The access is just on the right as you pass by Plank Road.  There is a small parking area at the edge of the woods with a driveway that leads to a circle at the start of the short trail to the river so that you can drop your boats off and then park.  The trail to the river has 2 sets of stairs.  It can be a bit cumbersome to get your boat to the river.  The first set of steps are metal and have a cleared off path beside the stairs to send your boat down to the wooden boardwalk.  The next set of stairs takes you to the river.  There is a "slide" of sorts that you can put your boat on and slide it down to the river.  The stairs to the river are steep and a bit rocky.  You have to slide your boat into the water at a steep angle so be mindful of anything you are taking with you and secure it well before sending your boat down to the water.

There is no "beach" at this access point and the water is near waist high (I'm 5ft 9 tall).  Slight back current coming from the main part of the river that will push your boat to the right of the stairs to the water, so hold on to your boat.  No real way to get in your boat "dry."  The canoe and kayak access is owned by Triangle Land Conservancy.

This section of river is roughly 6.23 miles long.  When we went on this section, we managed to get to the take-out point in about 2 hours.  River flow was steady, but had very minimal class I rapids (maybe 3?) and was mostly "flat water" with a current.

On this stretch of river, there really isn't anywhere to "beach" to take a break as the shoreline is quite steep.

The nearest water USGS water gauge is located up river at NC Hwy 22 but does not offer any daily data.

The next USGS water gauge is located downstream at Moncure and has daily water data:

You can use the data from the 2nd link to get a general idea of daily flow

Take Out Location

The "general" address for this location is:

2989-3079 State Rd 2145
Bear Creek, NC 27207

Deep River Park is a maintained access point with a paved ramp leading down to the river.  If you are driving on R Jordan Road (State Road 2145) and you pass by Cumknock Road, you've gone too far.  The entrance to Deep River Park isn't well marked.  There is a sign for it but it is facing towards the road, not in a way you can see/read it as you are driving.

This access has ample parking, a playground for kids and a couple of picnic tables.  There is an old steel trestle bridge that you can walk across the river (was taken out of service many years ago as a passable road by car).


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