First Trip Down the Uwharrie River

Today was our first trip down the Uwharrie River.  I’ve paddled down the Dan River on several occasions over the past three years covering everything from Hart’s access all the way to the boat landing in Eden North Carolina.

After doing some research online, I discovered that there is very little information on the internet about the Uwharrie River and kayaking.  There are a few blog posts here and there, a map or two with vague information of the different segments and not much else.

Before we departed to go to the put-in point for our journey, we called the Eldorado Outpost to inquire about information regarding the Uwharrie River.  The only information that was obtained was “It’s up and flowing.”  I then called Uwharrie Hoof & Paddle and the lady I spoke to advised that she had never been down the section of river that we had intended on going down today, that she knew nothing about it and the only section they did for their Outfitters company was the next section down.  I was able to confirm through this phone call that there is not a water gauge on the Uwharrie River by the USGS.

With the little bit of information that I was able to obtain over the phone and online we decided to become explorers and try out a section of river we couldn’t really find any information on.

We drove for about an hour from the house and reached our destination for the take-out point which was Low Water Bridge in Ophir, North Carolina.  This brought back memories for me because I used to frequent this area with friends while I was in High School.  The bridge got it’s name for a good reason!  There’s probably only about 2.5 feet clearance between the bottom of the bridge and the river on a good day.  When the water is super low, people could actually drive across the river beside the bridge, however I think that is discouraged now based on what I saw once we got there.

Once we dropped off my car at the take out point, we drove roughly 12 minutes to High Pine Church Road to the bridge over the Uwharrie River.  We parked on the side of the road and unloaded our kayaks from the back of the truck and took them one at a time down the narrow path to the area underneath the bridge.  The rocky area under the bridge is where we had to put the kayaks in.  There wasn’t really any “official” place that was specifically made for a put-in.

The “trek” down the rocks to the river wasn’t too bad.  We put the kayaks in the river one at a time and we were set to go!

​To be continued…